Anna Molinari Stuns with True Colors

Fall Winter 2011-12


March 1, 2011

By Gianmarco Gentile

Milan, Italy – This season Blumarine surprised all us watchers of the show with a very uncommon collection. When you are about to watch the Blumarine collection, you usually have some expectations about what you are going to see in the show. That is the usual key elements of the Blumarine style: romance, chiffon, pink – in all its nuances – light fabrics, playfulness, flounced dresses.

This time the creative director Anna Molinari decided to surprise us all dressing up her models – wonderful, as usual – with a very ’60s inspired collection: clean cuts, pale pink overcoats with black linings made of heavy wool with rubberized leather details conveyed a very chic and modern idea of outerwear. Jackie Kennedy-like sand color dresses with black décolletés completed the range of daywear outfits.

Total color looks totally ruled the roost. All gray, all fluo yellow, all orange, all emerald green, all violet. And when I say all, I mean all. Overcoat, cashmere sweater, spandex skirt, leggings and felt flat boots, and, as a finishing touch, felt shoppers or shoulder bags. The chromatic shock effect was produced by models wearing all total color looks (of different colors) at the same time on the runway, which made many eyes pop and many hands frantically looks for sunglasses to shield from such a color galore.

A wonderful double breasted coat with a purple inside lining and purple detail was worn with a long jersey dress underneath made of the same exact shade of purple, so to make the maximum contrast with the pale pink outer fabric of the coat.

No evening dresses were shown: no chiffon, no trains, no beaded corsets: instead, lace was given a very large part of the show.

Long, ankle-long sensual macrame lace dresses with matching underwear hit the runway, all of them made of vibrant primary colors colors like yellow, orange and light blue. Monochrome look was particularly insisted on during the whole show, and the expressive and emotive effect was guaranteed.