SHEN LIN Handmade for Success

Fall Winter 2012-13


February 4, 2012


Madrid, Spain – The Chinese designer Shen Li comes back on the EGO runway on that special day consecrated to upcoming designers showcased in Madrid Fashion Week. Once again, the designer created and personally produced a whole handmade collection consisting of raw cotton pieces, especially dresses and skirts, with some colorful pieces such as chartreuse green trapezium-shaped napa leather miniskirts and lilac napa leather capes.


The collection shows a painstaking attention for cuts and shapes, as it is all done by hand, and the silhouettes are never too tight-fitting but always altered in some unexpected ways through asymmetrical seaming. Zippers are a constant feature in the upcoming collections showcased here in Madrid, and the Chinese-born Shen Li makes no exception. The difference, though, lies in the function: while many designers ostentatiously show back zippers as a means of decoration, Li uses them to create unpredicted curves and shapes in his pieces, and in doing so proves to be very conscious of his sewing capacities. The main colors are of a cold palette: grey, coffee, cerulean blue, denim color and white, with some sporadic variations in acid yellow and lavender.