The Essential Is Invisible to the Eyes: Crystal-Clear Elegance for Luxury

Fall Winter 2012-13


February 4, 2012

Madrid, Spain – Real elegance. Undeniable class and uncompromising self-confidence. This is what we saw at the Fall Winter 2012-2013 collection by Juan Vidal. Ladylike pieces for a strong, sensual, empowered and absolutely classy woman who chooses a total white wardrobe à la Jackie Kennedy, but charged with more sexual appeal thanks to the tight-fitting cuts and the stretchy fabrics, namely silk jersey and soft napa leather, that make up the entire collection. White, white and white again. The Spanish designer shows a real fascination for the most wintry of all colors, and wisely mixes it with some shades of ice blue and dove-color.

The concept of the collection is the affinity and contrast that can be found between crystal and diamond. The archetypal woman of the designer is Chrystine. A cold confidence emanates energy, transparency and self-confidence. She is empowered and assured, and yet fragile, romantic and detached. These concepts are translated into strapless white dresses with gold zippers details, and light blue bon ton capes and dresses with macro crystal optical prints, all embroidered with transparent crystals. A shower of crystal is in fact sewn onto the collars, the sleeves and the hems of silk duchesse ice blue gowns, mini dresses and skirts, both pleated or tight fitting.

Body conscious silhouettes are a key element of the season, and yet they are never excessive or too provocative. Chrystine is an algid femme fatale with impeccable taste and an ice queen aura that make her almost unapproachable, but very desirable. It is luxury ready to wear at its ultimate, sleekest form. The show ends with a long air force blue velvet gown, with an open back decorated with a ribbon (an obsessive trait of the collection, especially featured on candy pink open-toe or sling-back shoes) and a small train. Trés chic.