By Marta Oczkowska

October 30, 2011

Lodz, Poland – In her upcoming collection for Spring/Summer 2012 Aga Pou is still experimenting with volume and structure, as she did in her previous works. The difference is, however, that she is now doing it in a completely dissimilar manner. This time, men’s and women’s silhouettes pay homage to the avant-garde way of thinking.

While watching the new collection it is impossible not to see how strongly designer was inspired by cubism and futurism. Geometrical, raw shapes are the key elements of the entire, extremely consistent line. Overdrawn, strong shoulders, high and stiff collars, and irregular shapes are these most conspicuous ones. All but a few pieces are in subdued colors such as black, off-white, beige, grey and navy. The exception to this rule are garments that bring to mind Georges Braque’s paintings, full of  geometrical figures and pieces of  musical instruments.

In both, women’s and men’s silhouettes the dominant motif is tight-fitting garment with constructivist, oversized shoulders or collars. Pieces are irregularly cut and re-associated by means of zippers, seams and different fabrics cutaways. Leather look clothes are combined with sheer white Italian nylon that gives them a particle of lightness. High quality cotton is juxtaposed with polyester, pleated garments with patchwork-like ones, what causes that every figure to become another surprise for the viewer. The collection is complete thanks to the simple accessories, such as faux leather bracelets or a clutch in a shape of a right-angled triangle.