By Marta Oczkowska

October 29, 2011

Lodz, Poland – Agnieszka Maciejak seems to have a deep-rooted vision of her works that are unusually coherent from the very beginning. The new collection for Spring/Summer 2012 shows that being in agreement with an original idea, or in this case – a particular piece of garment, still can be exciting to watch.

The title, form and the pace of the designer’s new line leave no doubt as for the inspiration. If needed to be described in three words, “Birds&Snakes“ is definitely shining, perky and dynamic. So is nature. Exquisitely fitted to any kind of a women’s silhouette garments, such as already famous leggins, sparkling short tops, and clinging skirts, create a chic “ready-to-wear“ collection. Tight geometrical forms are used in juxtaposition with cracked snake-like skin, glittering scales and pendulous tassels.

The very fresh element of the new collection is launching men’s line apart from the women’s one. However, it perfectly inscribes to the universe of her entire work. The key element remains the same. Her identification mark, leggins, are from now on a male garment as well, but in a slightly alternated form. They are enriched by zippers and pockets, not that tight-fitting. Juxtaposed with loose cotton or mesh t-shirts make a great combination for young, modern men that adore urban chic.

The audience can easily relish every presented attire, thanks to the non-standard fabrics and accessories. Patent leather is combined with vinyl tapes, metal elements, and regular cotton. The very conspicuous components are double sleeves, leather wrist-covering only gloves and tasseled jewelry. At first glance it seems like it is made of Perspex, but after having a closer look one may discover that it is a genuine leather. In a nutshell: elegance under the guise of modernity.