By Marta Oczkowska

October 30, 2011

Lodz, Poland – Marta Matuszewska and Michael Hekmat made a strong debut during Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, presenting a simple, yet original collection for the upcoming season. The inspiration for the line titled “Navaho“ is hidden in a distant atmosphere of Arizona and the culture of Native Americans. It is mightily visible in plentyful patterns, rich colors, loose-fitting capes, and etheral, flickering in the wind dresses. Abundance of prints is juxtaposed with sophisticated fabrics, from American jacquards, through silks and muslins to organza.

What makes this collection unique is that its key element is hidden and meant not to be seen by the audience. According to BLESSUS’ idea of fashion it is the zipper that remains of the utmost importance to the garments. Thanks to that a smart work uniform can easily be transformed into an evening gown, a casual blouse into a ultra-chic peplum dress and simple shorts into a sheer skirt. With ubiquitous colors and patterns provide an endless array of possibilities. It may not be high fashion just yet, but it is both an original and wearable option for everyone who looks for something more than just a garment.