Spring/Summer 2012

By Marta Oczkowska

October 31, 2011

Lodz, Poland – One may say that 52 women’s silhouettes presented during the special show, opening Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland for Spring/Summer 2012, is a bit too much. Indeed, we may find here almost everything that we can think of. But we should be really careful when judging, because it is not only the hometown of the founders, that brings to mind a master Gaudi’s mosaic, but also this very abundance of fabrics, colors and patterns.

In this upcoming collection one can find with no difficulty all the elements of garments that are needed for the Spring/Summer season. From chic one and two-piece swimsuits, through sequined shorts and blazers, to colorful see-through maxi dresses. Some of them are fluid and etheral, others asymmetrical, cut here and there by extremely big zippers. The vast majority of the collection is a unique juxtaposition of colored, shiny and transparent pieces, completed with unusual accessories, such as mini handbags or deadly high heels adorned with fin-like pieces. The key element of the entire collection are specially made 3D fabrics that bring to mind a kaleidoscope, providing the viewer with the almost endless array of possibilities in reception.

Custo Dalmau, while working, follows the rule of 3C. The collection should be contemporary, colored, and creative. It‘s directed to the young people, who have sense of humour and individuality. Believing in these principles, everyone has to say that the Spring/Summer 2012 collection inscribes to the universe of all designers‘ works.