By Marta Oczkowska

October 30, 2011

Lodz, Poland – Dawid Tomaszewski had the opportunity of closing Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland with his “VANITAS FLOWERS“ collection. The fashion show was extremely hypnotizing owing to its almost theatrical character. Models wearing cream lace masks alluded to the 1996 collection of the late visionary, Alexander McQueen. Although it was not Tomaszewski’s original concept, this motif was coherent with both the collection and the idea of vitality and mortality.

The whole line is maintained in two-tone aesthetics, with predominance of nude and unhesitating touch of fuchsia. The designer pays homage to the feminine shapes and softness of woman’s body. The vast majority of short and maxi dresses emphasizes the waist that make them ultralight. The essence of femininity seems not to be confined by pleated silk and sheer chifon silhouettes as subtleness floats in the air even beyond the garments. The very conspicuous element of the collection is trimming the pieces with sparkling elements or delicate flower motifs here and there. Some of them are just a print, others pretend to be necklaces or another layer of fabric. A closer look should be given to the sheer beaded leggins and see-through chiffon shirt with an extraordinary crystalline collar.

The strongest elements of the entire collection are women’s suits. One of them, adorned by hand-sewed mini flowers print, is composed of loose-fitting trousers and tight jacket with oversized shoulders. Everything is worn with a sheer blouse, shyly sticking out from below, and deadly high heels embellished with tassels. The second suit is a tight-fitting construction with green crystal framework on the back, worn with flat, masculine shoes with turquoise sole. However, this part of the collection is not less feminine. Quite the contrary. It shows that woman can easily disguise.