By Marta Oczkowska

October 30, 2011

Lodz, Poland – Those who know her previous works won’t be surprised, because the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection is a consecutive part of Joanna Paradecka’s DNA. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find in it a breath of fresh air. Actually, we may find it much more fun and unique than ever.

The key element of the entire collection is without a doubt unusual conjunction of different parts of patterned garments – from classic spots and check, through small apples and hearts, to colored high heels and even TV sets. One may say that it is too much, but paradoxically wide variety of prints makes this collection very consistent. Bright colors, such as yellow, pink and pea-green are worn with clashing socks, what gives a viewer certainty that the show is first of all fun. Sheer fabrics, cuts inspired by the 60s, doll-looking models, all of these transferred the audience into the world of a frivolous teenage girl.

What makes this collection unique is the fact that all the garments are hand remade, which means that they are made from recycled materials. A closer look should be given to a dress, whose lower part is composed of wristbands, what makes a spectacular summary of the designer’s work.