“Delicacy in the Vortex of Emotions”


By Mateusz Krawczyk

October 30, 2011

Lodz, Poland – Shumik 100% is created by two fashion designers Karina Gozdz and Anna Leszkiewicz. They are mostly known from unique and extravagant headwear. In Spring/ Summer 2012 except the new collection, we could also admire some new ideas.

The designers admit that they are inspired by a series of positive emotions like love, passion and infatuation which also finds itself in the collection’s title “In love”. Shumik 100%  shows that whenever we are in love we can perceive the world in different colors. We also find this in presented outfits. Pastels dominate and with combination of white colors they present very interesting. The black colors express altered states of love and it still looks appealing.

Different cuts and selection of materials (mainly chiffons, knitted and silk) makes this collection more spontaneous. It is dedicated to a modern and confident woman who is not afraid of taking the everyday life risk. As for headwear, this time Shumik introduces turbans which represents lightness and fun and is the foundation of whole silhouette. In some of headwear we can notice creations of waving feathers which pay viewers attention.

Transition between tonal colors like aquamarine sea or subtle pink  is coherent. They are used in long dresses (sewn in several layers) and long cuts cause an effect of airiness. Delicate transparent silks symbolize spiritual evaluation and long dresses flow down emphasizing feminine shapes.

Good music and choreography completed a very good fashion show. When we compare Shumik’s previous collections we can admit that they develop themselves and probably will surprise during the next Fashion Week.