Fear Does a Terrible Thing to People

Spring Summer 2012

By Mateusz Krawczy

October 31, 2011

Lodz, Poland – “Fear does a terrible thing to people” – is a name of new Marcin Podsiadlo’s collection dedicated to the male line. We have here a compilation of strong emotions implied in a few silhouette. The collection is inspired by social unrest on the whole world and London streets.  As for background Marcin decides to present a projection of war snippets (interchangeably with the entertainment programs) which makes a coherent and moving fashion show.

The most eye-catching symbols of his collection are headwear which represent the hidden identity. They are covering almost the whole head living only some space for eyes. Dark colors, oversized clothes (specially trousers) together with metal zippers as finishing do not make a light presentation. On black t-shirts we can notice war graphics which make this collection heavy and determined.

Marcin uses printed and technical fabrics on black trousers or sleeveless. As for cuts we can see some oriental inspirations which emphasize male posture.

It is worth to mention that if we compare this collection to his previous one we can still see playing with figures (especially in cuts). The collection is not so revolutionary itself but we still see a high potential in this young artist which will definitely fruitful in the next inspirations.