Balance Between Delicacy and Rapacity

Spring/Summer 2012


By Mateusz Krawczyk

 October 30, 2011

 Lodz, Poland – During Fashion Week Poland, Natalia Jaroszewska presented her new collection Spring/ Summer 2012.

When the show started we could see mainly different variations of long and short dresses and the combination of  blouses together with golden leather leggings.
This time, Natalia admits that she took her inspiration from ethnic design and the urban jungle.

 Clothes create a feeling of lightness and attract attention. Half transparent dresses are made of a delicate muslin brought from different parts of the world, which is accentuate in patterns such as panther spots and zebra wavy lines.

The collection starts with bright white colors (short dress made of fringes looks eye catching), beige, gold and black dresses made of silk. They look very feminine and ethereal, draping emphasizes feminine figure.
We could see also tunics covered with golden scales. As for organic details she uses colorful coral (specially in a subtle red) and black feathers. It makes an impression of a journey into deep side of Africa, also thanks to musical setting during the show.

A Polish celebrity, Anna Czartoryska presented one of the final creation – a white dress together with a cotton jacket.