A Different Side 

Spring/Summer 2012

By Mateusz Krawczyk

October 29, 2011

Lodz, Poland – The last Saturday show during Fashion Week Poland belonged to Paprocki&Brzozowski.
This time the collection quite differs from their previous one.  The duo get used the audience to dark and subdued tones in a very formal and elegant clothes. Surprisingly P&B showed different variations of colors, specially with spicy orange and fresh lime.

The Spring/ Summer 2012 collection is inspired by films and music of the 80s. For the background sountrack they uses “Like the Virgin” song. Collection is much brighter and energetic than their previous.  It is dominated by classical ivory, beige and ecru together with vivid colors. There are some very bright floral ornaments used in skirts but they seems to be blurred. Seeing them from the distance may cause the effect of abstract colored spots rather than eye-catching flowers.

As for fabrics we can notice delicate laces, silks and chiffons but there is also an impression that some of silhouette looks cheap and they are unfinished . During the show we see shirts with baggy sleeves and dresses with asymmetric cuts.  Stylish fabrics with casual cotton and lawn clothes (eg. Basic gray and black t-shirts with a long, airy petticoat finished with zippers) create clothes ready to wear.

All in all, the collection is missing something which was so well-known in the past. After the show we can have the feeling of  inconsistency.