Simple Forms and Modern Solutions

By Mateusz Krawczyk 

October 29, 2011

Lodz, Poland – Those who participated in the last Zuo Corp. fashion show know that their collections are very often presented as a form of small theatrical act (eg. fire brigade concert after the last  Autumn/ Winter collection). This time expectations were very high according to the previous well-judged collection. Did they meet the expectation?

The Spring/ Summer 2012 collection is dedicated to woman’s success but presented in an ironic, exaggerated way. The inspirations are taken from soap operas series of the 90s.
As for fabrics, the designers specify silk, wool, cotton and knitted.

This time we could see mostly subdued colors starting from the white and the black. The high contrast for it is juicy orange (the jacket with oversized sleeves and big buttons looks intriguing). Simple forms used in coats (eye-catching big collars  presented in a funny way) and gray checkered skirts highlight feminine shapes.

If we compare it to another Spring/Summer collections. We did not find any floral motives which seems to be so popular this year. In this one, they use mousse and some combination of Plexiglas – transparent coat looks futuristically and feminine as well .

Seeing audience faces, I had the impression that abstract music consisted of loud sound effects together with models slow walk disturbed in reception of the show. The collection seems to be less energetic than previous one and quite heavy. This time we did not experience any fireworks after the show but still Zuo Corp. proves  their professionalism and creativity. After the show fur souce presented their fur pillows, wow they were good.