The Diva of the Balkans Sets the Pace 


By Marcellous L. Jones 

November 1, 2014 

Novi Sad, Serbia – Amela Radin got the Serbia Fashion Week of too a much desired start. Using a symphonic version of Europe’s “Final Countdown”, the diva of the Balkans set the pace with her elegant long gowns in silk with beautiful prints.

Soft, elegant and feminine are the words that describe the collection. It is dominated by gowns and dresses with a slight oriental flair. Some gowns have large prints of sunflowers, peacock embroideries, etc.

Some looks are actually large and amply cut pants that mimic the look of a full flowing skirt. The best look is perhaps the gold dress in micro-sized prints.  Like the others, it flows, is wrapped at the waist and reveals each arm at different proportions.