November 2, 2014

By Marcellous L. Jones

Novi Sad, Serbia – Visiting guest designer Andy van den Kommenacker presented a collection of extravagance on the final day of the Serbia Fashion Week. In it he showed not only his skill, but also his fabled zestfor life, which is essentially dedicated to the art of making women beautiful.

The Dutchman worked principally with black, white and gold. To that he tossed in surprises such as leopard, which he used in a top. It has supported shoulders and is worn with black and white, horizontally striped, sequinned skirt that falls well below the ankles.

A wonderful play on polka dots takes place in the form of a divine silhouettes composed of a skirt worn with a top also in opposing polka dots. However, the skirt is created with black sequins. It is finished with little black eyes in white pods. It is a continuation of the polka dots theme. Large square sequins then arrive in the collection in the form a skirt worn with a muted black sequin top. The look is delicious!

Later Kommenacker introduces gold. The color is used in the silk dresses with printed, tableau scenes. After a few dresses in gold sequins, we move on to white and silver.  These unique gowns seem to become more and more elegant as they pass in procession. Though dazzling, they somehow manage to never lose touch with the designer’s planned soft edge.