Understated Charms

Spring Summer 2014


November 1, 2013

By Marcellous L. Jones

Lviv, Ukraine – If you’ve ever had a fantasy about a sexy candy-striper, your fantasies can now come true thanks to Martha Wachholz. The Austrian designer brought the sexy and understated charms of her striped hospital volunteers to the catwalks of Lviv.

The obvious looks start the collection as white and red striped silhouettes of short perky outfits. They then transform into blue and white stripes that are mixed with denims. Then the stripes disappear in favor of just blue.  They allow for the arrival of jersey and denim skirts worn with jersey or cotton tops.

The blue cotton trousers mimic the look of very soft denim. Pleated skirts in black are worn with black trousers.  The kickass piece of the collection is a jumper with no sleeves. It looks to be created from a striped men’s business top with no sleeves. The bottom half is composed of black baggy trousers. That is the look but it is one single jumpsuit.

Sportswear too has a presence in the collection. We see her taking her blue cotton denim-like fabric to her pleated dresses. Then we see metallic shoes invade the fabrics, which take us back a bit to the 1980’s for a little more fun. In all, a complete collection that wows use all…

Marta Wachholz (Spring/Summer 2014)

Marta Wachholz (Spring/Summer 2014)

Marta Wachholz (Spring/Summer 2014)