November 2, 2014

By Marcellous L. Jones

Novi Sad, Serbia – All fashion weeks need a hero or a dramatic moment in which high expectations are met with beauty, clever styling and drama. They must culminate in a powerful climax that brings forth applause, tears and a sense of finality. Such a moment is singular. And it came in the presentation of the new Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Portuguese designer, Miguel Vieira.

Vieira – the guest of honor at the Serbia Fashion Week – also chose the Balkan catwalks to celebrate his 25th Anniversary. He did so with style, grace, elegance and modern chic. The collection sees a skilled display of cuts and the use of color (Peach, mint, white, navy blue, gray, black) that makes even the worst of pessimists happy.

Jersey tops and crisp white shirts are accessorized with matching handkerchiefs tied around the neck as a replacement to a classic tie. The suit trousers are slimly cut, but not skinny. The blazers are tailored, but comfortable. Though the men’s silhouettes are far less adventurous than the women, they have great details such as vivid lining in the blazers. This makes them far more than simple attire that is meant as a compliment to the women’s line.

 The Vieira woman wears skirts of asymmetrical cuts, arm revealing tops, death-defying plunging necklines, satin, pants ensemble in blue with long sleeves. Prints are highlighted with large stones. They are used in both skirted silhouettes as well as in pants ensembles.

Miguel Vieira is known as what the British call a “proper gentleman”. And with that in mind, he seemingly ended the collection in the very spirit of a gallant society man dressed in black and his elegant lady, dressed to the nines in a beautiful sleeveless gown in silk and which revisits all the codes of the collections.

This show literally brought tears to the eyes of this writer and to another VIP guest of the fashion week. Bravo!