MMC Bright Lights of Flash Dance & Fame

Spring Summer 2014


November 1, 2013

By Marcellous L. Jones

Lviv, Ukraine – MMC has created a rock excitement collection for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. We see tan, gray and orange as the backdrop of garments cut to look as though they are near translucent at time.

The bottom of the silhouette is the most important element of the collection this season. First pleats dominate the looks.  The most rigid, yet appealing of them are found in this collection. Then once the pleats are no longer present, we see that the materials in grey still hold.

A throwback to the 80s appears in the latter half of the collection. We see a Christmas green in jersey and lurex blends. They are as bright as the ornaments that one finds on holiday deserts. Falling from the shoulders, one has very distinct visions of movies such as Flash Dance and Fame.