Soft Gray, Lace & Jersey Set Soft for Spring/Summer 2014

November 1, 2014

By Marcellous L. Jones

Novi Sad, Serbia – Cyprus-based designer Natalia Jaroszewska revealed during the Serbia Fashion Week a dramatically different collection inspired by the one she presented several weeks earlier in Poland. This time she adds more accessorized pieces and formal looks with soft, delicate and feminine touches.

A tiered mini skirt is worn with a lace top. The ensemble fools the eye into thinking that it is actually a dress. That makes it even more exciting. Then more lace shows up in an elastic waist skirt worn with a top in jersey. It has lace accents at the shoulders, and elastic embellishments at the wrists.

Jersey is used to create body-conscious silhouettes. As the long gowns in jersey cling to the body, it is pinched on the left hip. This detail obliges the woman to take special care and encourages her to head to the gym to perfect her shape.