Pleasurable & Well Thought-out

Spring/Summer 2014


November 1, 2013

By Marcellous L. Jones

Lviv, Ukraine – Oksana Pienka has a simple plan for the season. She gives us simple designs with a few embellishments here and there. All is in light nude. Those designs and embellishments make for a well thought out collection that is a pleasure to see for the Spring/Summer 2014..

A quilted like fabric is used to construct her silhouettes of Capri pants, skirts and dresses.  But the quilting is used to create the patterns.  We see satin belts highlight the waist of her silk, semi-open back jumpsuit with embellished shoulders.  Lace and embroidered belts are used to highlight the other silhouettes such as the two-piece ensembles and the goddess-like dress that steals the show in satin and silk.

Her plan is indeed a simple one and one that works.  Everything is feminine and elegant. With this proper collection of about 12 looks, she succeeded in creating a beautiful short story that is an easy read and pleasurable read for all.