Lots of Sheer But Still Very ‘Traditional’

Spring Summer 2014

November 1, 2013

By Marcellous L. Jones

Lviv, Ukraine – Shadoyan presents its new collection for the season. With smiles of happiness as the collection hits the catwalks, we see silhouettes of a mixed nature. First the designer does perfectly modern looks in sheer fabrics. Tastefully done, they show the shoulders and hints of the leg’s natural silhouette. These dresses are obviously crowd favorites.

Then we move onto the second part of the collection where we see dresses done in a far more traditional manner. Deeply influenced by the designer’s homeland culture of Armenia, they dresses seemed sewn together with folklore. They are extremely ethnic by European standards.

Shadoyan, understandably a huge star in the Caucus region of Europe, will have to decide on which side he wishes to have his bread buttered when participating as a guest designer in international fashion weeks. After all the purpose of showing in front of audiences attracted by them are to seduce women who could wear them in Milan, New York, London and Milan without feeling as though she is wearing “traditional wear”.