Clean Lines Define Modern Elegance

By Ford Leland

Paris, France – Clean lines, smart leather finishing, and a relaxed presentation gave the Winter 2013 couture collection of Atelier Gustavolins a deceptively effortless air. However, beneath the chic layers of leather, silk, and fur lay a masterful construction evident in the way every piece maintained a perfect form in all modes of movement. Certainly one of the most wearable collections of the season, Brazilian designer Gustavo Lins made a convincing argument for the value of simplicity in high fashion.



Punctuated by a palette of pink champagne, vibrant orange, lime and navy blue, the Lins woman is dressed for a temperate winter, but carries an array of black and white furs to keep her warm at night. With an almost Italian sensibility, this collection proposes a selection for the entire family.

For men in particular, the offering is very modern and elegant with kerchief style collars that can easily be dressed up or down. For evening, certain ensembles throughout the collection are accented with hand dyed patterns or black sequined embroideries that seem to peel away like dried paint. The wedding dress at the end of the show captures the entire aesthetic of the moment: timeless, tasteful, and unassuming. A beautiful balance of form and function