MAISON by Grégory Ferrié

By Ford Leland

Paris, France – An entrepreneurial lighting director by trade, the talented Mr. Grégory Ferrié has dabbled in everything from event planning to invention. This Winter 2013 couture season now marks the successful application of his experience in production, direction, and high fashion in a newly launched product line, Makeup by Grégory Ferrié.

Offering a completely re-engineered concept of packaging, this three-tiered line up provides a lit applicator and a mirror embedded in the flacon. Whilst there are six available shades ranging from a peachy “Pearl Beach” to a strawberry “French Kiss” at the ready-to-wear level, he also offers a richer selection of products for his more prestigious clientele. At the second tier, the haute couture line comes in an exclusive set of three shades with an ornately engraved applicator case. For those looking for an extra special piece, the third tier, Gloss Haute Couture Collection provides unique cases ornamented in pearls and precious gems. An ingenious concept with a specially formulated hydrating balm, Ferrié may have outdone himself while simultaneously inventing a new market in personalized high fashion accessories.