QUENTIN VERON Fall Winter 2013/14


Dark Omens As an Harbinger of Exquisite Craftsmanship 

By Ford Leland 

Paris, France – Round and round the raven goes; Who will he kill? Nobody knows….

Feared for his fascination with the macabre, the sinister mind of Quentin Veron has birthed yet another couture collection from his dark swashbuckler universe. Winter 2013 was inspired by dark omens and the flying harbinger of death. Crested with lustrous feathers and pitch-black furs, the 6 pieces highlight his talent for working in animal mediums. This season, he focused heavily on the back and spinal column, offering a selection of coats that suggest flight and movement.

Launched in a low key cocktail in the Parisian Marais, the exclusivity of the brand gives it a rock-star appeal that was reflected in the aesthetic of the unique crowd in attendance. Though small, this collection was exquisitely crafted, painting those who wear it with a powerful air of superstition.

QUENTIN VERON Fall Winter 2013/14