Designer Makes Strong Bid for “King of Bling” Title 


By Ford Leland

Paris, France – In what was perhaps the most bejeweled and bedazzled collection of the Winter 2013 Haute Couture season, Lebanese designer Tony Yaacoub has established himself as Paris’ new “King of Bling”. A treasure trove of riches, this collection is uniquely reminiscent of his origins in the United Arab Emirates where, like almost every other modern day luxury, they are taking haute couture to a new level.


As “Diamonds are forever” rang out over the hushed crowd in Paris’ Hotel Westin, models slowly teetered onto the runway in skyscraper heels. Encrusted in a rainbow of precious gems and golden embroideries, these glamorous creations glided like a naval fleet into the waters of their first Parisian voyage. Slowed by tightly adjusted cuts that restricted any movement above the knees, many pieces sacrificed function for a forced air of graceful fragility. Though the suspense of this constriction was more unnerving than impressive, the body of work as a whole was a feast for the eyes.

 Punctuated by a stunning wedding dress of royal proportions, (it was literally the size of a small yacht), this collection is fit for any princess in the world.