A Talent for Ready-To-Wear


By Ford Leland

Paris, France – Like a sartorial Jackson Pollock, Ylan Anoufa is known for his graphic ready-to-wear line in which he applies painted pop culture symbolism to jeans and T-shirts. A talented sculptor with a knack for thinking outside of the box, it only seems natural, given his family’s history in the industry that he would eventually experiment in high fashion design.

For Winter Haute Couture 2013 he has prepared a collection of pieces that incorporate his artistic talents into a series of silhouettes including options for both men and women. Unfortunately, as wonderful as it was to see his techniques applied to a line of higher quality cuts, this presentation would have been much more appropriate as a ready-to-wear show.

Anoufa is clearly a talented individual. However his relaxed, down-to-earth style doesn’t ring true as Haute Couture. A world unto its own, it just isn’t prudent to jump straight into it without an appropriate amount of experience. However, his work this season could easily find a successful niche on the ready-to-wear market.

We suggest that he focus his efforts on preparing his next collection for the RTW season so he can apply his aptitude for sculpture and painting in a more creative series of sartorial work that breaks away from the everyday.