Extraterrestrial Approach to Couture

By Ford Leland

Paris, France – Yoshiki Hishinuma might be an alien. With a flare for the extraterrestrial, his approach to couture has a distinctly otherworldly feeling that is derived from his non-traditional materials and construction. For winter 2013, he has proposed yet another collection in which his work appears to have been delivered to Earth from a whimsical land of Martian naiveté.

However, his philosophy on creativity poses an interesting question. Concerned most heavily with the ergonomic quality of his clothing, he is in the constant pursuit of designs that will integrate naturally with human life. Capturing a sense of lightness was this season’s focus, and even if his silhouettes were explorative in their shape, he achieved his objective by stripping his construction down to its most basic of forms. Unhindered by heavy seams or hems, this collection wafts through the air with a buoyant unfinished feel. Inscribed with his own hand created paintings, his work demands that we reconsider our preconceived notions of beauty.

There is something to be said for the harmony that is found when the emotions, form, and fabrics of our wardrobes are tailored to match those of our inner child. Perhaps Hishinuma is really the most human of us all.