John Lawrence Sullivan Salutes An ‘Electric Africa’


Paris, France – Arashi Yanagawa has imagined for his John Lawrence Sullivan label a collection that celebrates an “electric Africa”. He immediately includes an opposition in volumes in which we have trousers cut very slim to the body times and others that are voluminous.  One of the first sartorial suits to hit the catwalk has large trousers in coco worn with a matching blazer. The latter is double-breasted and is very closely tailored to the body.  Not before long would the slimmer cuts follow.

The knitwear tops have bold colors like solid orange or gray with light lime green motifs swimming round. Though they are plentiful the plaids, checks and abstract prints are the main statement makers in this bold collection.

 In one suit with slim trousers, we have a fitted blazer with a pleated lower back. It is a fierce opposition to the above-the-ankles, baggy trousers in gray and which are worn with a matching 3-buton blazer. One of the best looks is a fierce belted double-breasted leisure suit.