SONGZIO Fall Winter 2013/14


An Intelligent Work on Volume & Texture


By Marcellous L. JONES

Paris, France – For Fall/Winter 2013/14 Songizo proposes an intelligent variation on volumes and textures. First we have tight-fitting suits in leather.

One is easily fooled or confused regarding the material used in the creation of them. In fact leather has been treated to oil paints which give the silhouettes a slick, glossy sheen.  Volumes appear in the shoulders of some of the coats.

The knit is extremely strong. He has created very long knit sweater with long sleeves.  On has a boat-neck opening which allows the garment to fall off one shoulder.

The lapels in some of the coco tinted leather suits are treated as embellishments rather than as finishing touches.  This, of course, is a very tightly fitted single-breasted suit.

Songzio saves his sartorial tailoring for his blazers that are worn with his short cropped, loose fitting trousers.  Redingote like blazers with a varying asymmetrical cut appears just in time to slim the silhouette.  Here again provides an opportunity for a contrasting point of view to be engaged when the layered, light looks with maxi-coats hit the catwalk.

SONGZIO Fall Winter 2013/14