ASTRID ANDERSEN Spring/Summer 2014



By Marcellous L. Jones

London, UK – Astrid Andersen is bringing a hint of soft cool to her menswear this season. She does so with her baggy street trousers inspired from the gym and sportswear.  We see chiffon that has a new kind of camouflage print.  There is also lace added into the tops.

The camouflage is abstract and is lain on white as a back group.  Used in the leggings, tank tops, jackets, etc., it is a cool contrast to the lace body suit worn. This latter is clearly a failed attempt at sexual originality.  The pastel green velour ensemble was equally unattractive.

The rest of the collection features light windbreakers, hooted jackets, and short-cropped pieces. They somehow manage to tow the line.

ASTRID ANDERSEN Spring/Summer 2014