Back to the Classics of Best Years

By Marcellous L. Jones

Milan, Italy – This season, the Burberry gentleman goes back to the classic of his best years. Beautifully tailored double-breasted suits in slimming flattering proportions in either double or single-breasts reshape the already slim waistlines.  Their short-cropped cut is certainly in line with the trends.

The trench coats in various hues elongate the silhouette. Among them we find surprising animal prints on raw calf skins.  Cheetah is the most daring. However the zebra print in tiger colors is without a doubt the sexiest. Burberry also creates raincoats in plastic and in rubber.

The trousers are roomy on the butt and taper quickly from the thighs downwards.  But with them, we have simple shirts and tops. This is quite possibly the right strategy needed in order to give the desired attention to the outerwear which is the obvious focus of the collection. Accessories will also carry a great deal of the responsibility of making sales this season. The eyewear appears in the animal prints as well as the small messenger bags.