A Triumph for the Style-Conscious Man

By Marcellous L. Jones

Milan, Italy – After the obligatory passage of beautiful suits in gorgeous fabrics, Corneliani then quickly unfolded the look of the collection. Turtles necks top including knit sweaters share space with sleekly tailored, single-breasted leather suit jackets. Leather and knit are placed together in other pieces throughout the collection. One jacket has a leather front and back, yet its sleeves are in knit. Pop-up motifs in the knits give a more desirable look to many of the pieces such as the perfecto jacket with subtle leather accents about the shoulders. Leather also is used in the perfecto and perfecto-inspired jackets.

The shoulders are more pronounced this season. This is due to the wise choice of the right padding. They give depth to the silhouettes. As for accessories, one must love the leather Cheops temple bags in crocodile and leather.

 Corneliani triumphs absolutely with this beautifully tailored and well executed collection for the style-conscious monsieur from the office to the evening and weekend chic.