A Celebration of the Post-War Jazz Hero

By Marcellous L. Jones

Milan, Italy – This season the Dsquared2 hero celebrates the jazz movement. He returns home from the war and impresses with his new wardrobe that includes a litany of 3 quarter length trousers. The tailored blazers are cropped just below the waist. Each has a split in the back and is tightly fitted to the body.  Chains dangle from the vests as well.

Lots of long knitted scarves, micro-thin suspenders, bowties, and eyewear serve duty with the ranger boots and large handbags.

The jeans share the same volume as the trousers. When paired with the shaved mink cardigan with knit sleeves, the right cord is struck. Formal wear looks see the trousers re-descend to longer lengths. The dinner jackets have large lapels with tips that rise above the shoulders. Beautiful sparkling black appliqués decorate the vests and the shirts.