A Sumptuous Affair for Fall Winter 2013/14

By Marcellous L. Jones

Milan, Italy – Huge coats in sumptuous fabrics with large lapels and cuffs at the wrists are without a doubt the staring attraction at Etro this season. The new Fall Winter collection by Kean Etro seemingly has a more subtle approach. But that is simply a “trompe-oeil” effect. In fact the collection is as elaborate as any done by the designer.

Rare graphics are seen in this outing. Done for example in a fitted blazer or in the long mohair finished coats, they strike an interesting contrast to the other more abstract elements seen such as the original designs.

Mustard is used abundantly in some looks such as the nubuck biker jacket with fur lining. Velvet is paired with knitwear, knitwear with quilted materials and then satins.