KAY KWOK Spring/Summer 2014


Furturistic Debut to International


By Marcellous L. Jones 

London, UK – Hong Kong designers takes us on a futuristic adventure into Spring/Summer 2014.  He expresses this with simply cut tops in t-shirt shape form.  Sleeveless knit short cropped t-shirts have long front and backs that are assorted with the trousers in many cases. A smooth opposition exists between the volumes of the trousers with slim cut going toe-to-toe with the large cut straight trousers. As far as prints are concerned, the designers may find himself alone at the top with his galactic and psychedelic inspirited prints.

He uses neoprene to give shape to many pieces in the collection and silhouettes such as his suits. The fabric helps creates pleasure structure.

KAY KWOK Spring/Summer 2014