RICHARD JAMES Spring/Summer 2014


Clean, Elegant, Crisp & Stylish 

By Marcellous L. Jones

London, UK – Richard James uses the evening sunset as the principal theme for the new collection. He wants to move us from the moment of sundown to the open doors of the glamour that one finds when one sees elegant gentlemen out for play.

 Tailored suits in pastel colors including blue, lilac, etc., open the show. We see sun-kissed colors fading into other tones in some t-shirts. The represents the beautiful hues found during a natural summer evening. Lilac, neutral, green, and even Prince of Wales in purple and pink tones offers something very new.

As for the shapes, James keeps the silhouettes close to the body. Away from the suits, he cuts the trousers above the ankles and places a cuff in them. One has to live for his summer work with suede including a lilac short crop jacket, and suit blazers with large round suede pockets.

As for the other fabrics, James moves us from cotton, to cotton piqué to suede and to finish out the collection with linens and silks and wools. He pops in hats, handkerchiefs, and crystal-studded shoes for the collection. Other colors include red, orange, gray, coral and white.

RICHARD JAMES Spring/Summer 2014