Relaxed Sophistication

Fall Winter 2014/15


By Marcellous L. Jones,

April 1, 2014

Paris, France – AF V treats us to a delicious neutral palette for the creation of the new Fall Winter 2014/15 collection.  Light taupe, light grey and light beige dazzle under the attentive care of the designers. It is an advanced course on how a collection can be both relaxed and sophisticated.

A two-piece full looks with baggy trouser with banded ankles and huge utility pockets are worn with a matching jacket top. It is belted and punctuated with high heels.  Short dresses with large space for movement are on the more sporty side.  Then dark olive green is used in the tailored shortly cropped blazers.  Many of the looks are belted and they appear very modern, unlike what is on the catwalk at most shows.

AF Vandevorst


Then black tie-dye prints are used in a section that sees light flowing materials used to create trousers, and open jacket with a karate belts. Belts are present in pretty much each look.

The deep red strikes a contrast to the peaceful neutral palette.

AF Vandevorst