Sexy, Mature and Modern

Fall Winter 2014/15

By Marcellous L. Jones,

April 1, 2014

Paris, France – Spanish designer Amaya Arzuaga returned to Paris with a strong collection that demonstrates that she deserves the many compliments that describe her as one of the best independent talents on the Paris calendar. Her new work is about a journey to the center of the earth. In it we find her expected skill and elegance



Arzuaga uses large, dual panel pleating in many of the silhouettes. They create a special effect when the placed in motion. And once in movement they revel a muted gold. That same gold is used is used in waffled fabrics to create pieces like a dress with a large, decorative flap pleating over the bodice.

There is varied attention to the shoulders. Some are structured, while some voluminous or just a bit squared while others are natural. And the skirts are all cut short. And she does all of this in colors of gold, black green, ruby-slipper red and maraschino cherry red.

Arzuaga does a work that is sexy, mature and modern. And most of all she succeeds at showing that the Arzuaga woman is confident.