Fall Winter 2014-15


By Marcellous L. Jones,

April 1, 2014

Paris, France – Showing at the old headquarters of the French communist party at Place du Colonel Fabien in Paris 20th arrondissement, veteran designer Jean-Paul Gaultier put on his own lively version of “shock and awe”. In it we learn how the flight crews view travellers from France and the United Kingdom.



Gaultier started the show with a first section in a pale olive green. It sees neoprene with lots of overt stitching and elaborate work on the shoulders. The looks have lots of long leather gloves and silver zippers.

The silhouettes are body hugging and include slim skin-tight pants in jacquard, a short- mink coat and a dress worn with a long sleeved bolero. The latter is in wolf’s fur and has multiple bands in Swarovski crystals around the arms.

Gaultier goes on to include a well thought out section in plaid. Here we see the reoccurrence of sleeves whose volumes can be easily readjusted to Jurassic dimensions through the zippers.

The most killer looks in the collection include first the grey mink suit with voluminous sportswear pants, high heels and short belt. The second is the long maxi gown in black that reveals the right shoulder. `

And as he closes the show, Gaultier does a tribute to GOD SAVE OUR QUEEN. This is perhaps the most exciting part of the collection in which the majestic British hammer jack is brandished on the looks.