Resolutely Stylish, Feminine, Chic and Now

Fall Winter 2014/15


By Marcellous L. Jones,

April 1, 2014

Paris, France – Luis Buichino is one of Portugal’s best-known designers. When he is off his game, his work is at best solid, but unremarkable. But when he is focused, he is literally on fire. This has been the case these past several seasons. And his Fall Winter 2014/15 collection best illustrates just how skilled he can be.



His presentation went down in Paris’s Beaubourg district, just a quick hop, skip and a jump from the Hotel de Ville. If you missed the collection, it was a MISTAKE. The designer presented truly chic silhouettes of capes worn with corsair’s boots and long gloves. The capes have shoulder embellishments like small belts. The neck rises. These elements are repeated as leitmotifs in many of the stylish looks.  From there we see the addition of large panels treated as a single ruffles.

Buchinho is working with variations on the length of the dresses and the skirts.  Most are either mid-thigh lengths or just inches above the ankles.  He uses a mix of jersey, wool and silk to construct his vision for the season. There is also minimum color and fabric blocking. So we find panels of burgundy mixed with panels of black or even leather.

The result of his work is something that is resolutely stylish, feminine, chic and now…