Fall Winter 2014-15


By Marcellous L. JONES

April 1, 2014

Paris, France – Manish Arora takes us on a trip that starts in Peru. Then the Fall-Winter 2014/15 adventure then heads to China and Mongolia for more additionally easily recognizable influences. And with unbelievable imagining on color, his gummy bear gypsies and “sweet-toothed” nomads are never short of wow-factor from start to finish.

As with any collection by Manish Arora, one can expect an optimistic tall-tale. This is indeed the case here.  Below the knee length skirts, maxi dresses and baggy trousers and bolero-like capes shore up the silhouettes. All is held together in unity through the large kimono-style belts and the teddy bear hoodies. Backpacks appear in the form of babies that emulate the way cultures strap babies onto busy mothers as they go about their day.

One should not attempt to speak of color in this collection, as it would provide too difficult a task to endure.  However, the best visual that one could offer up is to think back to the brilliant optimism of the childhood board game, Candy land.

There is no shortage of total looks. The multitude of prints includes delicious fruit and whip cream topped cupcakes, exotic flowers, candy canes, and teddy bears.  But due to the abundance in colors and prints and patterns, it would be wise to break the looks up into separate pieces and worn with a single monotone piece.