Fall-Winter 2014-15


By Marcellous L. Jones,

April 1, 2014 

Paris, France – After a long waiting period that seemed to go on forever-lasting, French designer Pascal Millet showed what could perhaps be recognized as one of the most logical collections of the seasons. He created it with colors of camel, powdery blue, grey, black and gold.

He uses wool, silk, satin and leather in his feminine silhouettes that include tuxedo with trousers stuff into thigh-high corsair’s boots. Large lapels are used in the trench coat. Here they give way into the flaps on the shoulders.

One must love the long black dress that reaches down to the ankles. It has a V-panel removed from the back and is finished at the waist. A hint of the 1920s show up in the simply cut dresses in black velvet with crystal studded front.  It has a camisole underneath as the look features dramatically removed large panels of fabric from the shoulders.

In spite of the aspects that hint at Millet’s long career in haute couture, this remains a beautiful collection that is overall perfectly ready-to-wear.