Dark Romanticism

Fall Winter 2014/15

By Marcellous L.  JONES

April 1, 2014 

Paris, France – In search of a new distinction for the season, designer Sharon Wauchob presented a rather dark collection with an underlining romanticism. This is a different aspect to the “Wauchob Woman” as the designer does not consider herself as the most romantic among her peers.

Generally a sure-bet in Paris for one of the strongest and most modern of designers, she treated us to creations done primarily in black.  She uses two fabrics in combinations (i.e. leather and sheer) to create many of the looks such as the dresses and the coats. Skin-tight trousers finished with bell-bottom endings have rock flair. Before the show would end, we witnessed the flair legs pants evolve into pure skin-tight forms.

A wool-felt coat in light gray finished with a black lace overlay with large hearts dazzled. The large hearts can be fond in many of the coats as they flood the catwalk. Black and chiffon tops created a softer romantic edge in opposition to the leather creations.

 The leather in the collection is extremely thin. So thin is it that it is easily malleable for light skirts.  Of all the work that went into the collection the favorite would have to be the two looks with slim black trousers fitted with sheer tops.

The leather black bags with gold studs star as the top accessories.  They are perfectly matched with the dresses with gold thread woven into them. Lace, sheer, etc.