Lines Between Ready-to-Wear & Couture Definitely Crossed

Fall Winter 2014/15


By Marcellous L. Jones,

April 1, 2014

Paris, France – A familiar face to the Paris calendar this season is designer Valentin Yudashkin. The warm reception of his new Fall-Winter 2014/15 collection is a true testament to how fashion is able to rise above the stress of current international politic drama that opposes the West to aggressive, alarmingly expansionist Russian policy towards the Ukraine.



The new collection is all about three things: body-hugging silhouettes, cocktail dresses and gowns. They are all brought to life with leather, technical fabrics, crepe, silk and wool.

He created a bustier dress with pencil skirt finish with a micro skirt-like embellishment.  Voluminous sleeves appear in the sportswear inspired jacket blouses.  They are short cropped. Crystal embroideries appear on black leather trousers. The cocktail dresses are done in iridescent fabrics. They are short just above the mid thigh.

Yudaskin made a terrible mistake in placing the black ruffles on both sides of the waist in the long dress in crème with long sleeves.  The near off-the-shoulder created would have been perfection were it not for that design oversight in which less would have been more.

Some of the cocktail dresses in the collection have an undisputable couture feel to them. But when the designer sent out the beautiful gown and dresses at the end of the collection, it was clear that the lines between ready-to-wear deluxe and couture were definitely crossed. Other than that, it was an energetic outing by the designer.