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Milan, Italy – French carmaker Renault has presented the new “CLIO COSTUME NATIONAL”. The car’s features are designed by the iconic fashion house’s artistic director, Ennio Capasa.

The new limited edition version of the best selling city car is now made exclusive by personalizations from Capasa. A true and innovative and iconic car, Clio Costume National seduces by combining the modern, refined and minimalist flair of the many details that enrich the line, with exclusive technologies such as the rear parking camera, which, for the first time is a standard feature on a car of this category.

Born in 2012 from Renault’s new design cycle, Nuova Clio has been universally acclaimed for its versatility, its accessible specifications and its customization possibilities, responding directly to the emotional and rational expectations of its vast clientele. Today, to further expand on its emotional and stylish assets, Renault launches this c exciting collaboration with Costume National.

The choice of Costume National in the vast and diverse international fashion landscape spurs from the affinity between the Italian fashion firm and the Clio spirit.

Costume National, created in 1986 by Ennio and Carlo Capasa, was born from the encounter of tailoring and innovation, together with an essential aesthetic expression of clean lines and graphics for a minimal, edgy-chic look.

Similarly, Renault Clio based its success on both a design characterized by modern, sensual lines and a concentrate of innovations, adopting technologies, which enhance both driver and passenger experience.

“Renault Clio Costume National”, says Francesco Fontana Giusti, Communication and Image Director for Renault Italia, “represents an excellent synthesis between the dynamic and harmoniously proportioned hatchback and the style of the illustrious Brand Costume National. The co-branding project with Ennio Capasa’ s Maison allowed us to draw from the fashion brand to enhance Renault Clio aesthetics, interpreted as a true, innovative fashion car thanks to details that highlight the lines and the exclusive technologies used.”

The exterior design is characterized by a series of details that enhance the colour consistently with the stylistic canons of Costume National.

The Limited Edition Clio Costume National is easily recognizable by the Costume National badge, applied on the side-front part of the car, the customization of the mirrors with a pattern that resembles the weaving of Costume National’s innovative textile, the grey finishing on the rear door, by the embossing on the side protections, on the front grill and on the 16 and 17″ alloy wheels. (the latter  available as optionals). The exterior design of the car is further enriched by chromatures on the car windows and the anti-fog lights.

The Limited Edition launches in three colours: Ice White, Cassiopea Grey and Black Etoile – consistent with the colour palette that characterizes the collections of the Maison.

The exterior can be further customized by the client, who will have the possibility to choose for the full customized version, which includes the car roof completely covered with a texture that recalls Costume National’s innovative leathers.

“The new Clio Costume National is the synthesis of quality and innovation, a perfect representation of one of the cardinal concepts of my work”, states Ennio Capasa, Designer and Creative Director of Costume National. “Creative research pushed me to extrapolate a chromatic palette that completely expresses Costume National canons”. “I focused on white, black and grey. The latter is the feature of the details, also the unexpected ones; a three-dimensional metallic leather, absolutely innovative, personalizes some of the interiors of the car and even completely covers the show car. The same 3D design is adopted in an alternative material used for decorating the roof and mirrors of the standard version. The result is minimal, edgy and chic – as are Costume National creations”.

Clio Costume National is available both in hatchback and Sporter versions. It will be equipped with the fuel engines 1.2 75HP (only hatchback) and TCe 90HP, and with a Diesel Engine 1.5 dCi in 75HP and 90HP version and will be launched at a starting price of 15.550 EUR.