June 9, 2014

By Marcellous L. JONES

Novi Sad, Serbia – Zvonko Markovic presented what could easily be considered as the top collection at the Fall-Winter 2014/15 season at the Serbia Fashion Week. And beyond that it should certainly be regarded as the most modern.

Markovic chose black as the color of the collection with just hints of flesh tones. He bears the legs with his dramatic splits while doing the same for the shoulders. He covers them with only thin spaghetti straps. He revisits the busts and waists with crystal encrustations.

After a short pause the tone changes suddenly to white.  It is expressed in a parade of chiffons, silks, crystals and large beading. The draping and embroideries, which appeared in the first portion of the presentation, continue to pepper the collection. He gives us short cut portions too with perk and spunk.

Overall Markovic put on a perfect demonstration of skill, talent and vision for Fall Winter 2014/15. His is work that could easily be presented at Paris and Milan.