August 14, 2014

By Contributor

Los Angeles, CA – BRANDBLACK — the recently launched men’s performance sportswear brand — is pleased to announce their first full men’s apparel collection titled “FUTURELEGENDS”. BRANDBLACK which debuted earlier this year with athlete endorser Jamal Crawford of the Los Angeles Clippershas made it’s mark on the sneaker map and is now set to do the same with the inaugural launch of a functional, smart sportswear collection that is in balance with their innovative performance footwear offerings.

BRANDBLACK, which is the brainchild of Founder David Raysse and Creative Director Billy Dill is a futurist performance sports brand. The brand mantra is “look good winning”.

The direction of BRANDBLACK is progressive by nature, and the first apparel collection speaks to that. Senior apparel designer Scott Nelson and creative director Billy Dill took inspiration from films and music (FUTURELEGENDS is from David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs opening track), that hold a sort of “near future” dystopian theme. They experimented with proportion to give the clothing a futurist lean and challenged them selves with questions like “what would a basketball kit from 2025 look like”?

This resulted in the 15 piece “FUTURELEGENDS” collection, that consists of contemporary silhouettes, moisture wicking t shirts, classic heather grey sweatshirts that use a breathable spacer mesh, and stretch nylon windbreakers with a formal menswear suiting.BRANDBLACK also combines technical innovations such as heat sealed seams, TPU dipped lace tips and juxtaposes these with familiar and in some respects classic, sports pieces.

BRANDBLACK is future performance seen through a fashion lens. This informs everything the brand does. The brand’s products have been tested for the last two years, going through multiple rounds of test samples on dozens of elite athletes before producing a final product. All of this culminated in the signing of Los Angeles Clippers player Jamal Crawford to a multi-year endorsement deal. BRANDBLACK designed Crawford’s first signature shoe the J.Crossover in which they made over two dozen uniquely designed colorways for the two time Sixth Man winner. Along with the first apparel launch of “FUTURELEGENDS,” 2014 will mark the launch of the newest J.Crossover II and a new array of styles utilizing cutting edge performance technology.