October 12, 2014

By Marcellous L. Jones

Images Courtesy of ModaLisboa / Photography: Rui Vasco

Lisbon, Portugal – Starting at exactly 56 minutes behind schedule, Portuguese design star Filipe Faisca started us off with black silhouettes with just a hint of slutty French maids uniforms. My favorite is the off-the-shoulders, halter number with the cinched waist. In pressed cotton, the frock is the “I’m not trying, but I’m damn sexy” dress of the collection.

From there the designer delights with a litany of swimwear and short dresses. Some are tunics, while others are veritable shirt-dresses.

Faisca’s collection is a pleasure to write on. He seems to be giving honor to the traditional burka and masked faces at times. It is his way of saying that “though I am a traditional follower of Islam, I am all the same modern and sexy for the man who beats me.” And of course, the models are seen in extremely high-heeled shoes.

As the show moves forward, the designer incorporates even more sex appeal. The silhouettes become dramatically SHORTER and then dramatically longer for the Faisca brand of class.

His ending work reminds us of a parade of white lingerie with black lace accents. However, theses are his dresses. Short, exiting and feminine, this is all that a woman needs to compete her arsenal of seduction.