October 30, 2014 

Milan, Italy – CoSTUME NATIONAL is pleased to announce the launch of its new Website and Online Boutique. The concept of Costumenational.com has been developed in partnership with The Level Group, a dynamic brand driven, end-to-end eCommerce provider.

The new site will go live on October 30TH, featuring the Fall/Winter 2014 apparel and accessories Men and Women collections including Show and iconic pieces, leather goods and eyewear that are now accessible anytime, anywhere, worldwide.

A special edition of the iconic fragrance Scent Intense Perfume 100 ml, will be exclusively available in the new Online Store. This special edition formula is an even higher concentration of the original recipe, topped with a precious and rare quality of myrrh extract. The precious essence has its own special packaging, a luxurious black coffret with gold lettering and a soft touch affect.

CoSTUME NATIONAL has recruited The Level Group for their support in curating an online experience bespoke to the brand’s DNA. The eCommerce provider will offer a range of services, from the development and logistics, to the store management and digital marketing. The online boutique will be accessible to clients all over the world in both English and Italian languages.

At the launch, the collaboration between Costume National and the artist Bastiaan Arler is renewed with a limited edition t-shirt inspired by the masterpiece of Order and Chaos Within (Within Chaos and Order).

The masterpiece, an immersive installation of more than 420 square meters, was developed on the walls and floor of the foyer of the hall of the Triennale, which introduced the women’s fashion show CoSTUME NATIONAL FW 2014-2015 last February.

“An existential and emotional map, where the audience could feel immersed in the complexity of the human condition”Bastiaan Arler